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Commonly Asked Questions

Setting Your Mind at Ease

Do I still need health insurance?

Yes. Inspire Family Medicine is not insurance. We recommend that you carry supplemental health insurance for emergencies, specialist care and hospitalizations.

Why should I pay for a membership when I already pay for insurance?

We get it.  Insurance is expensive and necessary. But having great insurance doesn’t guarantee you access to a great primary care doctor.  DPC doctors can often take care of 90% of your health problems and help you avoid costly ER or Urgent Care visits, or unnecessary specialist visits.  For those of you with high deductibles, we can help you save money with cost-effective health care and lab costs. Read more about the advantages of a DPC membership.

Do you take my insurance?

We don’t take insurance and are considered out-of-network. Medicare and PPO insurance plans are more compatible in that they don’t require you to see in-network physicians.  Learn more about why we don’t take insurance.

What if I want to leave the practice?

Don't worry, there are no lock-ins.  You may cancel your membership and leave the practice at any time.

What if I have an HMO and need a referral?

Many HMO insurance plans require that you have an in-network PCP to generate a referral.  In these cases, you may need to have an in-network physician on file who can make those referrals for you.

Do you have any partners or midlevels?

At this time, Inspire Family Medicine is a physician-led practice.  We don’t have any nurse practitioners or physician assistants working in the office.  


Do you prescribe controlled substances?

We do not prescribe controlled substances for long term use, such as pain management, insomnia or anxiety management.  Your DPC doctor is skilled in many other prescription and non-prescription supports to help you in this area, or can refer you to a pain specialist or psychiatrist in your area.   We do not carry pain medication or controlled substances in our clinic.

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