Patient Resources

Medication Savings

Click here to learn more about some terrific programs that can save you $$ on your prescription medications.

Health Coaching

Inspire Family Medicine patients receive discounts on health coaching packages with Terra Health.   Click here to learn more.

Mental Health Resources

We’ve compiled a list of local mental health providers and categorized them for your convenience

Nutrition Resources

Want FREE membership in the Full Plate Living community?  When you sign up, you get weekly recipes, tips on eating more fiber, meal planning guides, and more!   Click here

Advanced Care Resources

Click here for the Massachusetts Health Care Proxy and other adanced care planning documents.

Better Care is Just a Click Away

Patients are tired of the current healthcare delivery model.   No one wants to wait 2 weeks to see their doctor or face going to urgent care where the wait time and providers are unknown.   People are frustrated by calling their doctor’s office with a simple question and  waiting  several hours to get an answer.   Most of all, people just want to be heard and respected – which is hard to accomplish when the average doctor is only alloted 7 minutes with each patient.

If you are looking for a refreshingly different approach, then consider Inspire Direct Primary Care.   If you’re unsure about joining the membership, consider scheduling a “Meet & Greet” to have your questions answered.